The Michael Chronicles

Written By April Boden

The year is 1993 and Michael is a typical teen. His favorite bands are the Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana. He enjoys hanging with the fellas, gets crushes on pretty girls, and eats lots of pizza. The only key difference from his peers is, he can’t speak. With limited communication most people including his own parents underestimate his feelings, thoughts, and intellect. He is trapped in a silent prison until one day through happenstance his older brother, Ethan and his best friend, Jarek discover he can spell. This changes everything.

When opportunity for a better life presents itself, Michael’s family must relocate from the bustling city of San Francisco to a quaint old mining town in the Colorado mountains. Michael has never known any other place, and just as he begins to adjust to his new life, tragedy strikes.

Mysterious circumstances surrounding the ‘big building’ a shadowy facility that is thought to be restoring the economy of the once thriving, but now struggling Jukesville, Colorado cause Michael, Ethan, and Jarek to question the strange goings on. Through Michael’s challenges, his desire to bring his family together and discover the truth, motivate him to push himself in ways no one including him would have thought possible.

In order to uncover the truth, the boys must undertake a life-changing journey and risk their lives.