Health Coaching

After my son became ill in 2007, I began my journey into holistic health and healing. I found I had a great passion and intellectual interest in all things pertaining to what makes us sick and what makes us well. I sought help from those in the medical industry including both conventional and non, but it was in my own self-education that I was able to make the most profound changes in mine and my family’s lives.

As a health coach and Ayurveda specialist, I believe true health requires a full mind, body, spirit approach. By looking at nutrition, emotional trauma, stress, and body alignment I seek to investigate the root causes of dis-ease that maybe overlooked by most.
I specialize in helping those with neurological challenges that impair health, motor function, communication, and quality of life. I also enjoy working with the entire family as when one member is sick it can cause a great strain on the entire clan.

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What to Expect

When it comes to wellness, there is no one-size-fits-all. Together we look at you and your loved one’s unique dietary needs, surrounding environment, learning style, personality, and current stage of life to assess your needs and identify what will bring you into greater harmony and health. You can expect very personalized care throughout our work together.
I create a custom plan for you as the primary care provider and your family that includes food, supplements, herbs, movement, spiritual health, emotional healing, and meditation. I will meet you where you’re at and together, we’ll design a daily routine that fits your lifestyle and your family’s hectic schedule.

There will be time to go over your family’s uniqueness, how to best communicate, create better harmony and come up with strategies that will be painless to implement.
I have many years’ experiences with advocating for special education school services and homeschooling from the ground up. Educational consults and therapy recommendations are included in our sessions (or if you’d like a homeschool consult ala carte, please message me).
Privacy is very important to me, and I want this to be a safe place for you to share any stressors that maybe occurring in your family’s life without judgment. Many of us suffer in silence with family addiction, mental illness, and problem behaviors all of which can cause dysfunction and ill-health. You may feel free to cover any of these concerns, with the confidence that it won’t be shared with others unless you chose to do so in one of our free support groups.

A health coaching experience should reduce stress in your life, rather than create more, so I will never ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with nor do I wish to shame or make anyone feel guilty about their current situation.
My primary goal for you is to walk away feeling confident that you can tamper down the chaos, feel better, sleep at night and create harmony in the home.

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• One 90-minute intake meeting to review you or your family’s health history & map out your health goals
• A comprehensive wellness plan made just for you or your family
• One 60-minute session to implement your plan
• One 30-minute follow-up session to navigate roadblocks & reinforce new habits
• A library of resources to support you beyond sessions, including recipes, sample meal plans, guided meditations & yoga practice videos.
• Email support & check-ins between meetings
• Discounted continuing coaching sessions


• Discover everyday tools for healing digestion, improving sleep & boosting energy
• Find the best dietary strategies for specific needs, i.e., neurological health, leaky gut, allergies, autoimmune, etc.
• Develop a daily routine to keep away the chaos
• Learn meditation techniques for overcoming obstacles & reinvigoration
• Release self-limiting habits & thought patterns
• Establish the best educational and therapeutic strategies
• Learn you and your family’s personality type and how that effects your communication
• Strengthen & reconnect with your family


All client sessions are held online through Skype or Google Hang-out video sessions, or by phone as needed. I work with clients locally and internationally.

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Package 1

Single Client Package For Individuals

Package 2

Family Package | up to 6 people